Akrotainaritis Hotel

Mani is a region of Southern Peloponnese that includes the north-eastern department of prefecture Lakonia and the prefecture Messinia, with the mountain "Taygetos" in the middle. It begins 4 kilometres of north-easternly Gythion, it approaches Kalamata up to the place of settlement "Berga" and is extended in the south side of "Taygetos", up to the cape Tainaro. There, built beside the sea, is found the graphic "maniatikos" settlement with small natural harbour, the Geroljmenas. It is found in the Eastern side of Cavo Grosso.

Elder it was the most important commercial harbour of Mani. Today presents tourist rise, emanation of his tourist infrastructure. It has many hotels and taverns with fresh fishes Probably it is found in the place of ancient "Ippolas", while it abstains 96 kilometres from the Sparta. It owes its name, in the fact that in the antiquity was considered "Holy Port". Openly its gulf leads to the cape Cavo Grosso. It provides a separate view in the sea that unfold also beyond the cape Tainaro.

From Geroljmena the visitor can travel in traditional villages of Mani, churches and fantastic beaches.