Akrotainaritis Hotel

Mani is the most southern piece of peninsula of laconia . Hospitality in t Mani existed from the ancient years, and was maintained piously for a lot of centuries up to today. To the guests the people of Mani offer whatever they have.

There are many versions concerning of the origin of the name Mani (derived from). Presumably one of the explanations is related with the building of the castle there and the broader area was named after by this. Such scenario is supported by the established name Brazzo di Maina (ancho, sail) arm of Mani - given by Venetian seamen. Other theories mention:
• Mani derives from marine word Maina that was used, meaning to strike sails, something that seamen were obliged to do because of the winds that usually blew strongly there.
• Mani came from the latin word manes meaning souls of the dead because of the underworld/Hades portal/gate that was claimed/believed to be there.
• By the word mania (furiousness/frenzy), which describes and defines the way people of Mani were fighting and were preserving their freedom.

Mani was never enslaved by no conqueror and the people of Mani defended their freedom, their place and their families, giving intense victory battles with almighty enemies, as the Vandals, the Enetoi, Tourkish, the Turkalbanians, the Arabians and the Mpamparians.